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Health & Wellness Innovations, Inc.

Health & Wellness Innovations, Inc. is a leading health solution provider that is committed to helping partners improve the health of their patients, employees and community members. Our solutions enable health care providers and wellness program managers to make stronger connections, engage individuals in making healthier lifestyle choices, and empower diverse populations to take more responsibility for their personal health.

Solutions Tailored to Your Organization’s Unique Needs

Health Systems

Educated, empowered patients are more likely to take control of their own health issues. Connected health solutions help foster self-management, compliance, and behavior change.

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Health Plans

The chronically ill account for a disproportionate percentage of healthcare costs. Technology is playing an important role in lowering healthcare delivery costs to high-risk individuals.

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Healthy employees are more engaged, more productive and higher performing. An effective wellness program transforms organizations by leading individuals through every step of their health journey, partnering along the way to create healthier lifestyles.

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