Beaumont Health is offering a health management program to patients with weight issues and diabetic patients of the Beaumont Health Center – Westland. The program is conducted by Dr. Karen Weaver and her team and provides participants with a Healthy Lifestyle Coach as well as an online and mobile health application, WATT, to help them lose weight, reduce their risk of chronic disease related complications, and ultimately lead healthier lives.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Your Healthy Lifestyle Coach is your partner in discovering your optimal wellness.

You and your coach will explore health areas that matter to you and identify your strengths and values that will help you discover your best self.

Online Tools

The WATT – Wellness Anytime Through Technology – Platform is an easy-to-use online and mobile wellness tracking system that helps you manage your health through self-monitoring, engaging networking features, and support from your health mentor.

The online wellness system helps patients and community members improve their health and overall wellbeing through self-monitoring, engaging networking features, and support from health coaches. Through the program, participants manage their health and connect with other participants and their care team, achieving optimal health and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Key Features

  • Tracking tools for weight, food, exercise and more
  • Personalized action plans and health resources
  • Connectivity to your health coach
  • Dashboard for daily summary and progress