WATT Coaching Platform. A Place for Coaches and Their Clients!

WATT™ provides a unique solution that connects coaches with their clients.

WATT™ is designed with interactive features that allow individuals to stay engaged in their health, get support, and be active in lifestyle management. The dynamic interaction of WATT™ leads to high engagement and better health outcomes.

Key Features for Coaches

The WATT™ Online Platform helps coaches empower their clients with features that have proven to keep their clients engaged in behavior changing activities that lead to healthier lifestyle choices and better health outcomes.

User Data Dashboard

Communication Tools

Training Guidelines and Resources

Automatic Reminders & Alerts to Users

Social Group Interaction

Available on Computer, Tablet and Smartphone

Key Features for Clients

The WATT™ Online Platform helps users and clients achieve their optimal health through engaging features and educational tools and resources.